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Monday, July 3, 2017

Hollins Cross Farm Mallards and Moor Hens Summer 2017

A quote from the Local Plan created by Burnley Council

2.7.2 The borough's open landscapes are one of its greatest

They provide a visually striking setting for the urban area, a
recreational resource and a
‘green lung’ in close proximity to
the built-up area. 

Burnley's distinct landscape character types each face their
own set of challenges, including pressure from development, recreational
activities and climate change. 

Agriculture and forestry activities can present
challenges, but these industries also play a valuable role in protecting the
landscape as we value it today.

This is
complete contravention to wanting to build 400-500 new houses and large
Industrial site on the Hillsides of Hollins Cross Farm, Rossendale Road  and Shuttleworth Mead - “The Green Lung” of
the Borough was all part of the Greener environment promised by the Council in
the 2006 Local Plan and restated in the 2016 Local Plan.