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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hollins Cross Farm Flooding 23 02 17 10:00am

 Burnley Council's obstinate attitude to still believing Hollins Cross Farm is a sensible place to build 188 deluxe high quality houses on is still ongoing.The council has refused to remove this site from its Local Plan 2016 despite all the Facts presented to it.

The Surface and oversaturation water flowing out of the fields of Hollins Cross Farm has only just now reduced but still flows down the A646 New Road.

Just imagine when we get a real Torrential Downpour - lets see how Towneley School and Park survive then and the river flows onward into the town center.

Burnley could end up like York if stupid people like our Councillors think building houses on hillsides is a smart move.

Hollins Cross Farm Flooding 23 02 17 10:00am

Developers - This hillside floods - millions of gallons of surface water flood from Crown Point

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  1. Its not really wise to build houses on a hillside, especially if the region recieves heavy downpour. Unless there is new technology to curb this, then I'm against it too.