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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hollins Cross Farm 18/03/17 - Flood waters

Burnley Council intend on March 20th to vote YES to allocation of this land for Building 188 new houses on

All residents facts, images, videos of the vast amount of water that cascade down this hillside are completely unimportant.

The Leader of Burnley Coucil Mark Townsend and his Executive had no intention of showing any interest in Residents Facts - because the Residents in this area DO NOT VOTE LABOUR so who cares.

Well the residents will be heard and we will take legal proceedings against all who cause damage to out town and surrounding properties.

Vote YES and you are on our list - Beware

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  1. Hope every one is better now. How this accident happned? Drivers should take care of people while driving. Keep updating us with the conditions of people