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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Burnley Council release - Local Plan 2016 - 09/03/2017

Burnley Council release the latest incarnation of the Local Plan.
A badly crafted re-write of the initial botched document that has not taken in to consideration any Residents factual information or concerns, they have not acknowledged any factual information in the latest draft of this document or understood the gravity of their actions in continuing to include hillside developments and the reality of future flooding of both Padiham and Burnley Centers.
In a nutshell all this consultation and working with the residents claptrap is a complete smokescreen by Burnley Councils Leader and his Minions the "Executive" to hide their true intentions.
In the eyes of "The Polite Bureau" you as Residents are just superfluous to their plan, they just have to be shown to be adhering to procedure and policy, taking notice of what you have to say is not what these people are about.
The New Plan contains nothing in it that will help people moving into all these "New Homes"
1) No new local primary schools planned
2) No Doctor or Dentist places available
3) No new A&E at Burnley General for the 1000 new residents / year
4) No extra parking in the town for 400+ more cars / year.
5) More Pollution from more traffic having to drive children to out of town schools
6) Construction site traffic disruptions all over Burnley for 16 years
 7) Dangers to children walking to school from large vehicles
8) More localized flooding from surface water draining from hillside developments
9) More mining subsidence from building on unsuitable sites
10) Long publicised drawn out legal battles over site suitability.
All these 10 points are detrimental to attracting people to come to Burnley - The Council Leaders have not got the best interests of the town in mind they are just trying to set up the town to fail and make out it is Central Government policies that has cause the demise of the Town.

Burnley Council have now created a stall in the housing market in the town and a housing blight will ensue,  in areas of the town where development is now sanctioned the present housing stock will slow down in occupancy transition. 

Younger people will not move up to bigger houses, older people will not be able to downsize and first time buyers will not invest. The reasons why are -  when solicitor searches are done it will show how the development of properties in most areas are staggered over 5-7 year periods, this creates uncertainty for buyers of existing properties.

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