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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Local Plan 2016 - to build 1000's of un-necessary Houses on Greenfield Land

Local Plan 2016 

Burnley Council Continue to Keep the Public in the Dark

So here it is,  the Council have now announced they are going to start discussing the Local Plan 2016 - there is a meeting for the Council Executive "The Famous Five" on March 16th - we are not sure what  they have  to discuss as they have all been "Ordered to Obey and recommend it".

There is then another meeting on March 20th where the rest of Labour Councillors have been TOLD to accept the decision of the Executive, so again another enforced landslide vote by the "Totalitarian Regime".

We are still fighting against this regime who have  quoted "allegedly" - "We will not be bullied by a bunch of Residents up their who will never vote for us and who we do not give a shit about" - this alleged quote was mean for all Residents of Hollins Cross Farm, Rossendale Road and Worsthorne.

Releasing the Local Plan 2016 at this time is very carefully planned by "The Regime" as it means that the Council will not be upsetting Labour voting areas till after the Local Elections at the beginning of May. SO they get another year of imposing their crazy financial schemes on the Residents of Burnley.

Key Local Plan to be discussed in March
The latest version of the new Burnley Local Plan - which sets out where potentially thousands of new homes and industrial units will be built across the borough - is being finalised.

Key Local Plan to be discussed in March