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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Burnley Council Local Plan Failures 2016 - £2million and still rising

Please bear in mind that "The Local Plan 2016 Draft" has cost £2MILLION already of YOUR taxpayers money and is 2.5 years over due.

Burnley Council are not building masses of Affordable Social Housing for the NEEDY. 
The council though they were going to make £20-30million from Government grants for sanctioning the building of Luxury £250-350,000 band "D" houses in Greenfield areas. 
What BAD financial planning, the Council have GAMBLED with our Town's Future then blamed Central Government for their own  ineptitude.
Government  Grant money is not going to be available - these things don't last forever. 

Please read on.
PRESS RELEASE: Government finance shortfall is added budget pressure
Date: 20th January 2017
Further details have been announced by the Government regarding the Local Government Finance Settlement (LGFS) over the next three years. 
Unfortunately the announcement means that the cumulative budget gap for Burnley Council is greater than projected, rising from an estimated £4 million to £4.5 million. 
This situation has no major impact on plans for the 2017/18 budget currently being set. However, it does add to the challenges the council faces in the following two financial years.

Council leader Councillor Mark Townsend said: “Just when we thought Government funding cuts couldn’t get worse, they have. It was going to be tough enough to find £4 million of savings, out of a current budget of £15 million, over the coming three years. Now we have to find a further £500,000. 
“The Government has deceived us. To provide us with some certainty going forward, we recently agreed an efficiency plan with them that guaranteed, although much reduced, a grant for the next three years. “Now they have decided to slash the money we receive for providing new homes for residents. It disgusts me that once again it is the poorest boroughs like ours that are always hit the hardest.  
“It adds to the pressure on the council to make savings and find ways of raising income, whilst at the same time providing essential services to our residents. We will continue our hard work to identify a range of means to bridge the budget gap, in ways which minimise the effect on front line services and staffing.”The 2017/18 budget will be agreed by the full council next month.

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