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Friday, December 9, 2016

Facts - Planning a new Housing Estate by Burnley Council.

Devleopment Land Hollins Cross Farm Burnley.

Burnley Council SHOULD not have even considered the land at Hollins Cross Farm as United Utilities stipulate the following

"Guiding principles for site drainage
1) Surface water from new developments should not be connected to the public combined sewerage system.
2) All options for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) must be explored prior to any application to connect to the public sewerage system.
3) We do not normally adopt SUDS.
4) In circumstances where surface water is discharged to the surface water sewer network, discharges should be restricted.
5) We have no legal duty to accept highway drainage from new developments into the public sewerage system, however in some cases highway drainage will be considered as part of the overall surface water drainage of the site.
6) We will not accept land drainage discharges to the public sewer network."
IN SHORT - United Utilities DO NOT ACCEPT water from Crown Point - in must go into rivers,
WHY PUT FORWARD this site in the first place - HAS BURNLEY COUNCIL factored in diverting Streams, Rivers from Hollins Cross Farm / Crown Point.

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