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Sunday, December 25, 2016

FACTS - The Oval Shopping Center project that failed in 2012

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2012 we asked Burnley Council what costs were incurred.
It turns out that the Council wasted grant money from the North West Development Agency that were paid for by your TaxPayers money in the Failed Venture of the Oval Shopping Center

Over the 8 years of the project from 2004 to 2012 approximately £1,800,500 was expended. This was funded by the NWDA under its Single Programme Grant.

The Council's analysis of overall project expenditure is as follows;.
Approximate expenditure/£
Lease surrender £1,468,600
Acquisition Fees £35,600
Site surveys £8,985.98
Marketing £77,480.87
Legal £79,448.36
Establishment and related
admin expenses £12,837.31
Total expenditure £1,800,500

Yet again another £1.8MILLION of wated taxpayers money by Burnley Council. They quit the development because a few retailers like Primark decided not to come to Burnley - and now Primark are coming to Burnley, they could have had a brand new shopping Center built and ready to move into instead of the reshuffling that is going to happen just to pander to their whims.

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