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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Facts - For any one thinking Burnley is the place to relocate and commute - Travelling back to work in the Center of Manchester by X43

Developement Land - Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley.

Developers and House Buyers - If you think that travelling to your work place in the Center of Manchester is going to be easy from your NEW Cheaper Executive High Quality Detached 3/4/5 bedroom Property at Hollins cross Farm Burnley to the Center of Manchester then THINK AGAIN.

Yesterday "we" decided to test the commuter trip from Hollins Cross Farm to Deansgate.

Morning Journey from Manchester Road X43 Bus Stop - the Bus was packed at 08:00ish you are better getting on at the Bus Station to get a good seat, also they never come on time. The Wifi is hit and miss on the Bus, the conditions are cramped for using laptop.The inbound journley took 1hr 10mins-ish

Return Journey - "We" stood at bus stop on Deansgate for 1 hour from 16:30-17:30, then the Bus inched its way along in the traffic, the whole journey from Deansgate to Hollins Cross Farm took over 3.5 hours.
So for 8 Hours / day you work and up to 4hrs+ you will travel, and this get s worse in winter.

Do the maths Developers and House hunters its time and money. What is the cost for 2-4 hours travel / day 10-20 hours per week / 400-800 hours per year as against another £100,000 on the house price spread across 25 years of mortgage

BUY a house closer to Manchester, use the already in place metro system / trams and you can spend more time relaxing at home with your family or "chillaxing" in nice trendy bar after work with your fiancee, before a tram ride home, NO TRAFFIC JAMS - NO BRAINER.

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