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Friday, December 9, 2016

Facts - Disturbance of Abandoned Shallow Coal Mines - Mine Gas Escapes

Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley
Developers and House Hunters / New Houses, building houses over abandoned mines comes with dangerous consequences - but none worse than the gases seeping up from disused mines.
Burnley Council have done no preparatory work to understand that considering the sanctioning of land as part of their Local Plan 2016 that is know to be designated by the Coal Authority and High Risk is totally irresponsible, it wastes public money and could in the future endanger public health or even endanger life.

Anyone within the Council who recommends building on Hollins Cross Farmafter all the evidence presented in the Residents Opposition Document and since provided will be held to task in the future. The Council, Leader of the Council, Executive members and all members of the Full Council who decide to recommend this site need to take heed and consider future ramifications.

The risk of gas leaks from disused mines

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