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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Facts - Burnley Council intend to builld houses over Abandoned Coal Mines, you could be Gasing owners while they sleep.

Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley .
Developers and Prospective House Hunters - Burnley Council plan to include Hollins Cross Farm site as part of their Local Plan 2016 for building houses on - KNOWING that there are Abandoned Coal Mines beneath.

ALL members of Burnley Council Executive and ANY Councillor who votes to include Hollins Cross Farm ARE individually and collectively FULLY RESPONSIBLE for any future consequences as they have been informed many times of the facts.

The link below - shows the consequences of building over Abandoned Coal Mines - ANY responsible Council would not consider including land over Abandoned Coal Mines in their Local Plan.
"Officials are recommending all 64 homes on Gorebridge's Newbyres Crescent estate are flattened ............................."


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