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Thursday, December 22, 2016

FACTS - Burnley Council have spent £1,540,000 on drafting the LOCAL PLAN 2016.

Burnley Council have spent a staggering amount on drafting "The Local Plan 2016" some £1.54 million and it is still 2 years overdue. BUT it doesn't stop there - Gordon Birtwistle last night quizzed the "Secret Society" at a Council meeting and was also told this figure is to rise to £1,950,000.

ANOTHER HALF A MILLION or £500,000 of OUR TAX MONEY is to be spent because the work is not finished on finalising a project to build houses that Burnley DOES NOT need.

Hollins Cross Farm is one of the sites in Burnley that has been earmarked for development, but has only had "DeskTop and Paper Shuffling" surveys done on its suitability for development, and the documentation used to determine this suitability is 5-10 up to 30 years out of date. SO WHAT HAVE THEY SPENT 2 MILLION ON.

In order to recoupe this £2MILLION the Council would need to build 200 probably 250 Band "D" Houses so the Council can obtain the £10,000 / house Central Government Grant money that is barely just still available - soon to be removed to help soften "Brexit" costs.

This is why the Council is trying and move the Urban Boundary and build on Greenfield sites - it NEEDS to try and claw back it is Hemorrhaging Money - YOUR MONEY - on BAD financial management - the same bad financial management as Lancashire County Council.

This is why the Council have tried to keep this Local Plan so secretive in not informing Residents last July and hoping to push it through without objection by making the consultation period during the School Summer Holidays - SHEER EMBARASMENT.

THE Executive and its hangers on NEED to prioratise - cutting Public Services, blaming Central Government for cuts is just an excuse for incompetence.

 Say NO to Hollins Cross Farm team.

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