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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fact - Toxic Coal Mine Water

Developers and New House Buyers Hollins Cross Farm Burnley

Poisonous Toxic coal mine waste products and water are continually seeping to the surface of the field. Do you want to invest in a development that will see more of this dangerous contamination disturbed by building on this land.

Everyone's future will be affected by this, the environment, your future homes and more so your children's health. Have Burnley Council had this site Surveyed by professional bodies or experts - NO !!!!


Once the poisoned waters flow into the Culvert running under the A646 these waters then  feed the rivers inn the adjacent Conservation Area and down into Burnley Town Center- BEWARE Burnley Council you  will be polluting the Environment by allowing the Urban Boundary to be moved to allow Development on GreenField Land.

The TOXIC  picture below  was taken  16/12/16 - it shows the bottom of Hollins Cross Farm field and shows the saturated land as the water table rises and the yellow / orange toxic waters from the abandoned shallow mines eek into the water systems.

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