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Monday, November 28, 2016

Facts - Water Pollution from disturbing Abandoned Coal Mine toxic waters

Development Land Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley

The streams, culverts and water courses from Hollins Cross Farm ALL run into the Conservation area next to the site .

Who will be responsible for Pollution to this Conservation Areas, streams, water courses and ultimately our drinking water.
The answer is anyone and everyone involved with the disturbance of the abandoned shallow mines on Hollins Cross Farm. This means the all and any Burnley Council Executive Member who votes on including this site in the Burnley Local Plan 2016, any member of Burnley Council Full Council for allowing this to proceed and any subsequent Property Developers.

Water pollution arises from the large-scale land disturbance associated with building over abandoned coal mines, the discharges from pockets of stagnent, toxic, putrid water in old mines once disturbed may cover tens of square kilometres.

Once these toxic water pockets are diturbed by housing development and there is an inflow of "Surface and Ground water" into the mine workings, the toxic effluent of old mine workings will forced to flow unstopped into the Culvert at the bottom of Hollins Cross Farm. This Culvert flows in the conservation area next door into the river and water table and everything downstream WILL be polluted.

A full report on the problems associated with toxic mine waters is available - 

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