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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Facts - Boxing day 2015 - 175mm rainfall

Developers and New House buyers - would you like you own swimming pool with surfing facilities, a water fall, back garden stream natural springs and a Pond look no further come to Hollins Cross Farm every House will get one.

Some house owners may be even unluckier and get their own sink holes for those family cave diving weekends or be able to watch the toxic mine waters cascade through their rockery while choking on the escaping methane from the abandoned shallow mine workings.

Anyways back to water and flooding - 44 million gallons of water fell on the site last boxing day, and was only slowed down by the absorption layer in the hillside, this topsoil and grass layer will be removed to dig foundations and service access to the planned housing estate and will cause water to cascade down the hillside.

MPs to debate planning bill to protect UK homes from surface flooding

Developers may put in drainage but the drainage system below the new site are only designed to take the present water flow not what will be forced down it from the Hollins Cross "Niagara" .
1 million gallons of water is a cube 51ft sq - imagine being at the bottom of the hill or down in the town center when all that rainwater starts to flow.
An olympic swimming pool takes 660,000 gallons to fill, so we are going to get 70 olympic sized pools in the town cneter the next time we have a boxing downpour if Developers remove the Hillside absorption layer.
It has already happened in other places - beware.

Dispute over Devon development 'causing' floods taken to Westminster

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