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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Council Executive Members are Accountable for passing Bad Planning Decisions - they need to investigate More

Facts - When you plan to build new Housing Estates then the Drainage infrastructure "DownStream" needs to be completely upgraded to cope with the extra surface water

Burnley Council have no plans in place to ensure the upgrade of drainage for the - Crown Point / Hollins Cross Farm area Burnley. At present the Council have no interest in the residents of Wilkie Avenue who have to suffer constant flooding year in year out.

The area above 287+ acres collects 255,483 Gallons of water / 1mm of rain fall last Boxing Day 26th December 2015 - the whole of this area had 44.7Million Gallons of water fall on this area

Calculated at

The Council Are Legally Liable - We will hold all Council Members to account

And who is responsible? Councils can be sued for allowing over development where it causes flooding. There is precedent, and it was set by Ryeford Homes v Sevenoaks District Council (1990), where a claim was made for damages against the planning authority in respect of flooding caused by allowing-over-development. Sound familiar?

Floods and Flushes - About Waste Water Capacity

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