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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Facts - Abandoned Shallow Coal Mines under Hollins Cross Farm.

Development land in Burnley with a very scary past and below ground no one knows just how bad it is - it could be like this video.
Do we really want to disturb a sleeping giant
1) How much settlement is going to happen
2) Are there toxic mine gases waiting to be released
3) Is there toxic mine water that could pour into the local water table
4) will this disturbance pollute the streams
5) Is there going to be land slips
6) Sink holes in Burnley it could happen.
Do we really know what is down there - Do we really want to disturb this by
It seems Burnely Council do not care - they will just pass the responsibility on to developers - BUT is too late when your house has fallen into an Abandoned Shallow Coal Mine

The Coal Authority has Designated this site as High risk and Shallow Mine Workings - not suitable for development or disturbance of Mine shafts. No...

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