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Monday, November 14, 2016

Autumn and Winter Rains are Coming

Hollins Cross Farm Proposed Development Site is a very Large Surface Area - 24 Acres
Millions of Litres of water flow through its substructure into Streams, Flushes, drainage channels and into the waer table.

The Say No to Hollins Cross Farm campaigners with the Residents of Wilkie Avenue are monitoring the rain fall, they have serious flooding problems in the past. The council wish to build 210+ houses at Hollins Cross Farm - the hillside and soil is a natural barrier for soaking up and slowing down the water that flows "downhill" from Crown Point.

If the Council tarmac, concrete and block pave the fields below Crown Point, the water will flow faster, the natural drainage and sewers will be overwhelmed and the whole area will have more flooding

The Main Hollins Cross Farm Website describes in more detail in the way the Structure of the Hollins Cross Farm Site will be damaged by development - this flooding will effect all of the Rose Hill Area if this Crazy Council Scheme is pushed through planning.


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