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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Consultation Period is now over
We will see if Burnley Borough Council
read or ignore our Opposition Document

We have now entered into the next phase of the consultation on the development of the Hollins Cross Farm Site. 

The Residents of Coal Clough and Deerplay have been emailing the Leaders of Burnley Borough Council asking for updates on the Opposition Document, as yet they have been met with a Beaurocratic Brick Wall quoting chapter and verse of agreed procedures that are in place.

One Resident did however get this reassurance in an email from Mark Townsend -

"The Preferred Option consultation is now closed and the the process from here is that the Planning Officers will now review and consider all comments received. The Planning Officers will utilise expertise as necessary to help them develop recommendations for the Local Plan final submission that meets the future needs of the Borough. The officer recommendations will then be put to Councillors. 

Councillors will subject the officer recommendations to detailed and rigorous scrutiny before making final decisions.

The final decision on the content of the Local Plan final submission that will go to the Planning Inspector will rest with the 45 elected members of the council in a public meeting.

It will be one of the toughest decisions that the members of the Council will have to take and is key to the future of the Borough. That is why we have built in 3 public consultations (issues and options, preferred option and final submission) before the final submission goes to the planning inspector".

The only worry is that the Planning Officers may be constrained in a number of ways:-

1) They do not know the Area - "Out of Towners"
2) There are NO funds available to employ subject matter experts to investigate or perform surveys.
3) The Planning Officers are in the Pocket of the Council to secretly provide a favourable result - but that would never happen !!
4) The Opposition Document is deemed as it is going to cost too much to investigate all the points and the onus is pass on to the developers to investigate.

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