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Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Milestone in our Campaign
The Opposition Document has been delivered

Today is the day the Residents of Deer Play and Coal Clough say no to Burnley Councils underhand sneaky tricks. They have tried to force this development through by keeping information from the local residents and failing to keep us properly informed. 

The consultation period for this housing development is 6 weeks, they did not advertise it, they put the consultation period in the school holidays while people were on holiday with their families and generally kept it as quite as possible.

Well the gloves are off now - "We the Residents" are not happy and will be vehemently opposing this crazy scheme of destroying our countryside and forcably moving the boundaries of Green Field and Green Belts.

While we have all the Brown Field sites available around Burnley, the so called Socialist run Council should be building  sustainable social housing for the people of Burnley on the BF sites. 


  1. The land should be left alone for wildlife etc. There is no need for this to destroyed by being built upon.

    1. Please fight against Burnley Council and their underhand and devious ways. They will try to impose their will as opposed to what local people want.

  2. Where is the supposed demand for houses in this undeveloped area? Why have they cleared other areas due to supposed lack of demand etc? How will services cope when they are already being reduced due to austerity?

  3. Burnley also no longer has an Accident & Emergency Unit and cannot cope with demand as is so additional demand is obviously unsustainable.

  4. Surely Burnley Council cannot approve development that is unwanted / unneeded and against the wishes of local people? Do they not consider the consequences this can have on other resources such as education, healthcare, transport?