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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Public Meeting at Burnley Golf Club


What a great show of support !!

Last night saw the top function room of the Golf Club packed out in a united show of solidarity against the proposed Hollins Cross Farm development plans that Burnley Borough Council was trying to push through "Under the Radar".

The Official Opposition Document was last night unanimously carried for submission to Burnley Borough Council and will now be submitted.

Thanks to Gordon Birtwistle for organising the campaign at such short notice and also to Charlie Bullas for organising the venue at Burnley Golf Club.

Also many thanks to the staff at the golf Club for the facilities that allowed us to do the presentation ( I guess they did a roaring trade at the bar ).

But again all thanks for the local residents who attended - please go out tell your friends what you saw and heard last night, this sort of development is going to impact on everyone in the area. There are no school places as it is, no doctors, dentists and most of all it will block every road in the surrounding areas.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Public Meeting to discuss Hollins Cross Farm Development

27/07/16 - 19:00 Burnley Golf Club - Glen View Road

Coun. Gordon Birtwistle has organised a public meeting for all the residents in the area surrounding the proposed Hollins Cross Farm development.

The meeting will start at 19:00 at Burnley Golf Club 

We have not got a fixed agenda for the meeting yet but will hope to speak with as many people as possible to formulate an opposition to this destruction of our Green Field areas surrounding this beautiful area of our town.

Burnley Council plans to build on Green Belt Site

Burnley Borough Council have designated the Hollins Cross Farm site HS1/2 as a viable area of Green Field Land to build new houses on.

It would seen as usual the council has failed to inform the general public of its intentions and tried to push all theses proposed sites through with as little fuss from the public as possible.

A meeting was held "Drop In" at the Methodist Church on Cog Lane on 20/07/16 for the residents of the area surrounding the Hollins Cross Site  to view the Councils Plans.

This meeting was a complete waste of time as there were no Council representatives available that were knowledgeable about the local area to talk about local issues involving the site just a bunch of planners who don't live in the area.

The Communications Officer who tried to oversee the public meeting was a complete waste of time - he openly admitted that he had failed to inform the public of the time constraints for opposition to this development.

The Public now has a 6 week consultation period to lodge their complaints and issues. Very strange how the council keep this so "hush hush" and then use the 6 week school holiday the period for consultation when most people  will be on holiday with their children. It smacks of trying to push this through with a minimum of objection.