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Sunday, December 25, 2016

FACTS - The Oval Shopping Center project that failed in 2012

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2012 we asked Burnley Council what costs were incurred.
It turns out that the Council wasted grant money from the North West Development Agency that were paid for by your TaxPayers money in the Failed Venture of the Oval Shopping Center

Over the 8 years of the project from 2004 to 2012 approximately £1,800,500 was expended. This was funded by the NWDA under its Single Programme Grant.

The Council's analysis of overall project expenditure is as follows;.
Approximate expenditure/£
Lease surrender £1,468,600
Acquisition Fees £35,600
Site surveys £8,985.98
Marketing £77,480.87
Legal £79,448.36
Establishment and related
admin expenses £12,837.31
Total expenditure £1,800,500

Yet again another £1.8MILLION of wated taxpayers money by Burnley Council. They quit the development because a few retailers like Primark decided not to come to Burnley - and now Primark are coming to Burnley, they could have had a brand new shopping Center built and ready to move into instead of the reshuffling that is going to happen just to pander to their whims.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

FACTS - Burnley Council have spent £1,540,000 on drafting the LOCAL PLAN 2016.

Burnley Council have spent a staggering amount on drafting "The Local Plan 2016" some £1.54 million and it is still 2 years overdue. BUT it doesn't stop there - Gordon Birtwistle last night quizzed the "Secret Society" at a Council meeting and was also told this figure is to rise to £1,950,000.

ANOTHER HALF A MILLION or £500,000 of OUR TAX MONEY is to be spent because the work is not finished on finalising a project to build houses that Burnley DOES NOT need.

Hollins Cross Farm is one of the sites in Burnley that has been earmarked for development, but has only had "DeskTop and Paper Shuffling" surveys done on its suitability for development, and the documentation used to determine this suitability is 5-10 up to 30 years out of date. SO WHAT HAVE THEY SPENT 2 MILLION ON.

In order to recoupe this £2MILLION the Council would need to build 200 probably 250 Band "D" Houses so the Council can obtain the £10,000 / house Central Government Grant money that is barely just still available - soon to be removed to help soften "Brexit" costs.

This is why the Council is trying and move the Urban Boundary and build on Greenfield sites - it NEEDS to try and claw back it is Hemorrhaging Money - YOUR MONEY - on BAD financial management - the same bad financial management as Lancashire County Council.

This is why the Council have tried to keep this Local Plan so secretive in not informing Residents last July and hoping to push it through without objection by making the consultation period during the School Summer Holidays - SHEER EMBARASMENT.

THE Executive and its hangers on NEED to prioratise - cutting Public Services, blaming Central Government for cuts is just an excuse for incompetence.

 Say NO to Hollins Cross Farm team.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fact - Toxic Coal Mine Water

Developers and New House Buyers Hollins Cross Farm Burnley

Poisonous Toxic coal mine waste products and water are continually seeping to the surface of the field. Do you want to invest in a development that will see more of this dangerous contamination disturbed by building on this land.

Everyone's future will be affected by this, the environment, your future homes and more so your children's health. Have Burnley Council had this site Surveyed by professional bodies or experts - NO !!!!


Once the poisoned waters flow into the Culvert running under the A646 these waters then  feed the rivers inn the adjacent Conservation Area and down into Burnley Town Center- BEWARE Burnley Council you  will be polluting the Environment by allowing the Urban Boundary to be moved to allow Development on GreenField Land.

The TOXIC  picture below  was taken  16/12/16 - it shows the bottom of Hollins Cross Farm field and shows the saturated land as the water table rises and the yellow / orange toxic waters from the abandoned shallow mines eek into the water systems.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Facts - Burnley Council intend to builld houses over Abandoned Coal Mines, you could be Gasing owners while they sleep.

Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley .
Developers and Prospective House Hunters - Burnley Council plan to include Hollins Cross Farm site as part of their Local Plan 2016 for building houses on - KNOWING that there are Abandoned Coal Mines beneath.

ALL members of Burnley Council Executive and ANY Councillor who votes to include Hollins Cross Farm ARE individually and collectively FULLY RESPONSIBLE for any future consequences as they have been informed many times of the facts.

The link below - shows the consequences of building over Abandoned Coal Mines - ANY responsible Council would not consider including land over Abandoned Coal Mines in their Local Plan.
"Officials are recommending all 64 homes on Gorebridge's Newbyres Crescent estate are flattened ............................."


Friday, December 9, 2016

Facts - Disturbance of Abandoned Shallow Coal Mines - Mine Gas Escapes

Development Land - Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley
Developers and House Hunters / New Houses, building houses over abandoned mines comes with dangerous consequences - but none worse than the gases seeping up from disused mines.
Burnley Council have done no preparatory work to understand that considering the sanctioning of land as part of their Local Plan 2016 that is know to be designated by the Coal Authority and High Risk is totally irresponsible, it wastes public money and could in the future endanger public health or even endanger life.

Anyone within the Council who recommends building on Hollins Cross Farmafter all the evidence presented in the Residents Opposition Document and since provided will be held to task in the future. The Council, Leader of the Council, Executive members and all members of the Full Council who decide to recommend this site need to take heed and consider future ramifications.

The risk of gas leaks from disused mines

Facts - Planning a new Housing Estate by Burnley Council.

Devleopment Land Hollins Cross Farm Burnley.

Burnley Council SHOULD not have even considered the land at Hollins Cross Farm as United Utilities stipulate the following

"Guiding principles for site drainage
1) Surface water from new developments should not be connected to the public combined sewerage system.
2) All options for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) must be explored prior to any application to connect to the public sewerage system.
3) We do not normally adopt SUDS.
4) In circumstances where surface water is discharged to the surface water sewer network, discharges should be restricted.
5) We have no legal duty to accept highway drainage from new developments into the public sewerage system, however in some cases highway drainage will be considered as part of the overall surface water drainage of the site.
6) We will not accept land drainage discharges to the public sewer network."
IN SHORT - United Utilities DO NOT ACCEPT water from Crown Point - in must go into rivers,
WHY PUT FORWARD this site in the first place - HAS BURNLEY COUNCIL factored in diverting Streams, Rivers from Hollins Cross Farm / Crown Point.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Facts - For any one thinking Burnley is the place to relocate and commute - Travelling back to work in the Center of Manchester by X43

Developement Land - Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley.

Developers and House Buyers - If you think that travelling to your work place in the Center of Manchester is going to be easy from your NEW Cheaper Executive High Quality Detached 3/4/5 bedroom Property at Hollins cross Farm Burnley to the Center of Manchester then THINK AGAIN.

Yesterday "we" decided to test the commuter trip from Hollins Cross Farm to Deansgate.

Morning Journey from Manchester Road X43 Bus Stop - the Bus was packed at 08:00ish you are better getting on at the Bus Station to get a good seat, also they never come on time. The Wifi is hit and miss on the Bus, the conditions are cramped for using laptop.The inbound journley took 1hr 10mins-ish

Return Journey - "We" stood at bus stop on Deansgate for 1 hour from 16:30-17:30, then the Bus inched its way along in the traffic, the whole journey from Deansgate to Hollins Cross Farm took over 3.5 hours.
So for 8 Hours / day you work and up to 4hrs+ you will travel, and this get s worse in winter.

Do the maths Developers and House hunters its time and money. What is the cost for 2-4 hours travel / day 10-20 hours per week / 400-800 hours per year as against another £100,000 on the house price spread across 25 years of mortgage

BUY a house closer to Manchester, use the already in place metro system / trams and you can spend more time relaxing at home with your family or "chillaxing" in nice trendy bar after work with your fiancee, before a tram ride home, NO TRAFFIC JAMS - NO BRAINER.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Famous Five - Burnley Council Executive keep the Local Plan 2016 from the Public

So the "Famous Five" under the control of puppet master Mark Townsend have decided to postpone the publication of the "Local Options Plan 2016" - Until Jan 2017. We believe this Local Plan was supposed to have been completed in 2014, so it looks like the Council are now 3 years behind.

Maybe on reflection they have realised just how bad the last draft of it was and had another re-write attempt.

Or it could be they have been rumbled and had to employ some qualified Planning Officers with expert subject matter knowledge instead of the desktop surveys they tried to fob the residents off with.

Or maybe they have not finished Crayoning in all the pictures !!

Complain about your council - GOV.UK

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Facts - Pollution Generated by Building new Houses and from Car Emissions that these new Houses Bring to the Urban Community

Development Land in Burnley, Hollins Cross Farm
In 2006 Burnley Council's Local Plan, was high on reducing Car Journeys and being Greener and more carbon neutral.

Building 3000 new houses means more pollution. What is the bet Burnley Council puts Zero constraints on developers to use low carbon and green materials.

These houses will bring 6000 cars to add to the air pollution. More rubbish to be disposed of on the already bi-weekly collections.

More Gas and Electricity will need to be generated and produce more greenhouse gasses to power these unnecessary houses.

More sewage.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Facts - Water Pollution from disturbing Abandoned Coal Mine toxic waters

Development Land Hollins Cross Farm, Burnley

The streams, culverts and water courses from Hollins Cross Farm ALL run into the Conservation area next to the site .

Who will be responsible for Pollution to this Conservation Areas, streams, water courses and ultimately our drinking water.
The answer is anyone and everyone involved with the disturbance of the abandoned shallow mines on Hollins Cross Farm. This means the all and any Burnley Council Executive Member who votes on including this site in the Burnley Local Plan 2016, any member of Burnley Council Full Council for allowing this to proceed and any subsequent Property Developers.

Water pollution arises from the large-scale land disturbance associated with building over abandoned coal mines, the discharges from pockets of stagnent, toxic, putrid water in old mines once disturbed may cover tens of square kilometres.

Once these toxic water pockets are diturbed by housing development and there is an inflow of "Surface and Ground water" into the mine workings, the toxic effluent of old mine workings will forced to flow unstopped into the Culvert at the bottom of Hollins Cross Farm. This Culvert flows in the conservation area next door into the river and water table and everything downstream WILL be polluted.

A full report on the problems associated with toxic mine waters is available - 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Can the Council or Local Authority be liable for flood damage? - the answer is yes

Burnley Council are trying to Include in their Local Plan 2016 development sites like Hollins Cross Farm which if built on will contribute to massive flooding of the surrounding area and also the town Center. 

The scale of flooding could be on the scale of Padiham Xmas 2015. Should we take the chance

The Council is liable for bad planning decisions and could also be accountable for wasting public money in pursuing what is termed as a "frivolous plan".

Flood Claims

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Council Executive Members are Accountable for passing Bad Planning Decisions - they need to investigate More

Facts - When you plan to build new Housing Estates then the Drainage infrastructure "DownStream" needs to be completely upgraded to cope with the extra surface water

Burnley Council have no plans in place to ensure the upgrade of drainage for the - Crown Point / Hollins Cross Farm area Burnley. At present the Council have no interest in the residents of Wilkie Avenue who have to suffer constant flooding year in year out.

The area above 287+ acres collects 255,483 Gallons of water / 1mm of rain fall last Boxing Day 26th December 2015 - the whole of this area had 44.7Million Gallons of water fall on this area

Calculated at

The Council Are Legally Liable - We will hold all Council Members to account

And who is responsible? Councils can be sued for allowing over development where it causes flooding. There is precedent, and it was set by Ryeford Homes v Sevenoaks District Council (1990), where a claim was made for damages against the planning authority in respect of flooding caused by allowing-over-development. Sound familiar?

Floods and Flushes - About Waste Water Capacity

Facts - Boxing day 2015 - 175mm rainfall

Developers and New House buyers - would you like you own swimming pool with surfing facilities, a water fall, back garden stream natural springs and a Pond look no further come to Hollins Cross Farm every House will get one.

Some house owners may be even unluckier and get their own sink holes for those family cave diving weekends or be able to watch the toxic mine waters cascade through their rockery while choking on the escaping methane from the abandoned shallow mine workings.

Anyways back to water and flooding - 44 million gallons of water fell on the site last boxing day, and was only slowed down by the absorption layer in the hillside, this topsoil and grass layer will be removed to dig foundations and service access to the planned housing estate and will cause water to cascade down the hillside.

MPs to debate planning bill to protect UK homes from surface flooding

Developers may put in drainage but the drainage system below the new site are only designed to take the present water flow not what will be forced down it from the Hollins Cross "Niagara" .
1 million gallons of water is a cube 51ft sq - imagine being at the bottom of the hill or down in the town center when all that rainwater starts to flow.
An olympic swimming pool takes 660,000 gallons to fill, so we are going to get 70 olympic sized pools in the town cneter the next time we have a boxing downpour if Developers remove the Hillside absorption layer.
It has already happened in other places - beware.

Dispute over Devon development 'causing' floods taken to Westminster

Burnley Council Executive Member does not agree with the electorate

Yesterday we sent a copy of the Opposition Document to all the 5 members of the Burnley Council Executive and the Leader of Burnley Council so they cannot claim they were unaware of any facts relating to the Unsuitability of Hollins Cross Farm as a place to build 210+ houses on.

These 6 people will be making a recommendation to pass whatever is in the Local Plan 2016 and they will also be "Telling" the full council to accept it.

One of the Executive took an exception to us sending her a copy of our Opposition document - here is her reply
------------------// email reply //-----------------------
Lian Pate
21:08 (13 hours ago)
Thank you for your correspondence. I am not sure in what capacity you are writing to me, but please can I ask you to amend your document, in particular the line "This opposition petition is backed unanimously by... The Residents of Glen View Road, Wilkie Avenue, Fairways Drive, and surrounding area"?
Our household was not consulted on this objection document, nor did we give permission for this Group to give representation on behalf of our family.
Kind Regards, Lian
-----------------// end of email reply //-----------------------

Make your own mind up time - but it looks like 20% of the vote is already cast. So it looks like the destruction of the Environment and potentially causing the flooding of local homes, businesses and the town center is okay.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

Monday, November 21, 2016

Facts - There is NO planned upgrade to the Rail infrastructure linking Burnley Manchester Road to Manchester Victoria

Developers and House Buyers - Hollins Cross Farm Burnley

In the planned upgrades to East Lancashire high speed rail links there is NO plan to electrify the link between BMR and Manchester Victoria.

So if you are planning to buy a house in the "New Burnley Executive Commuter Belt" think again - it will be years before you will be able to get to work in Manchester City Center in less than 80 minutes
Your journey will be 3 hours daily home to office and return.
1) Trying to find a parking space at Burnley Manchester Road Station
2) 60 minutes on the "Burnley Bone Shaker" trying to get a seat on a crowded hourly service
3) 20 mins on the tram in Manchester
4) "Shoe Leather" or "Loafers" !!.
5 days a week / 48 weeks per year or you could drive or take the X43 Bus services.

East Lancashire high speed rail plans on track

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Facts - Wilkie Avenue - we do not need any future floods

Development Land Hollins Cross Farm Burnley

The Say No to Hollins Cross Farm campaigners with the Residents of Wilkie Avenue are monitoring the rain fall, they had  have serious flooding problems in the past, in this area at the bottom of the Hillside.

December 26th 2015 - 175 mm of Rain fell and serious flooding blighted the area.

Developers - The council wish to build 210+ houses at Hollins Cross Farm - the hillside and soil is a natural barrier for soaking up and slowing down the water that flows "downhill" from Crown Point.

Development was abandoned 35+ years ago when the properties started to sink.

If the Council tarmac, concrete and block pave the fields below Crown Point, the water will flow faster, the natural drainage and sewers will be overwhelmed and the whole area will have more flooding

The Main Hollins Cross Farm Website describes in more detail in the way the Structure of the Hollins Cross Farm Site will be damaged by development - this flooding will effect all of the Rose Hill Area if this Crazy Council Scheme is pushed through planning.


Buying a house on this site is the worst investment a young family could make - your house is on a hillside - millions of gallons of water will flow through your property.

Fact - The flooding has started at Hollins Cross Farm

Fact - The flooding has started
Development land - Hollins Cross Farm Burnley 

Developers - This waterlogged wetland and marshes will cost you £1 million /acre - it will cost you half a million per acre to try an install drainage that will never work. Your Return on Investment is not viable.
You will not stop the water flowing down the hillside , even massive Rural Sustainable Drainage will not work on a hillside. 

Prospective Buyers
Your property is doomed from the start
Developers will not sort the flooding problems out after the event
Burnley Council will not take responsibility, but blame in on developers
You never be able to sell it
You will be in negative equity
You may have to default and walk away from your valueless life investment

Friday, November 18, 2016

Facts - Autumn and Winter rains are coming to the Streams and Flushes

Development Land Hollins Cross Farm Burnley - If houses are build on this site it will create a flood area below.
There are 100's of acres of hillside above the proposed development.
Planning Officers have failed to notice that this hillside collect Millions of Gallons of Rainwater. 
Burnley Council Executive are only Interested in Government Grant money to prop up their financial ineptitude and bad decision making. So do not care about the aftermath of building on such a sensitive site.

Facts - Disturbing Abandoned Shallow Coal Mine - Toxic Gases under Hollins Cross Farm.

Development Land Burnley

The Council intend to sanction development of land in their Local Plan and Options 2016 despite being warned by Residents that the land is riddled with abandoned shallow coal mine workings and shafts.
The Land is designated as High Risk by the Coal Authority who recommend NO DEVELOPMENT.
Planning Officers should have investigated this but i seems they are not interested
These old mine workings contain toxic mine gases -
Mine gas compositions
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Methane (CH4)
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Nitrogeon Peroxide (NO2)

Buying a NEW HOUSE on Hollins Cross Farm Burnley - think again it  could result in these gases seeping into you new home - dare you risk your family knowing the developers have been drilling and boring your house foundations into a potential timebomb

Flooded entrance to the proposed Hollins Cross Farm Housing Estate Burnley

Burnley Council Intend to pass this land for development regardless of suitability and the consequences of future flooding

Development land Burnley - Flooding guaranteed - millions of gallons of water will cascade from this hillside if developers removed the topsoil in order to dig deep foundations for housing, access roads and service ducts.

Removing the natural water barrier will flood Burnley Center.

We have not had any heavy rains yet - BUT they are coming - watch this space

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Facts - Abandoned Shallow Coal Mines under Hollins Cross Farm.

Development land in Burnley with a very scary past and below ground no one knows just how bad it is - it could be like this video.
Do we really want to disturb a sleeping giant
1) How much settlement is going to happen
2) Are there toxic mine gases waiting to be released
3) Is there toxic mine water that could pour into the local water table
4) will this disturbance pollute the streams
5) Is there going to be land slips
6) Sink holes in Burnley it could happen.
Do we really know what is down there - Do we really want to disturb this by
It seems Burnely Council do not care - they will just pass the responsibility on to developers - BUT is too late when your house has fallen into an Abandoned Shallow Coal Mine

The Coal Authority has Designated this site as High risk and Shallow Mine Workings - not suitable for development or disturbance of Mine shafts. No...

House price bubbles in Burnley

Burnley Council are adding to the Housing Bubble, by trying to sanction the building of £250-350,000 houses in rural Green Field Areas instead of concentrating on Social Sustainable Affordable housing. House price bubbles benefit almost no-one Asset price bubbles and the speculative behaviour associated with them tend to cause financial crises, which lead to lower growth, higher unemployment and higher government debt.
High house prices also act as a mechanism for transferring wealth from the young to the old, from the poor to the rich, and from those that don’t own their own home to those that do.
Even those with housing don’t benefit massively from higher house prices – we all need somewhere to live, and anyone selling their home will find that on average other house prices will have risen by the same amount, leaving them no better off.
In reality, only the banks and those with many properties benefit from high house prices: high prices mean that people will have to take out larger mortgages for longer periods of time, which means more money in interest payments for the banks.     

House prices: why are they so high?

Tweet 1. Banks created hundreds of billions of pounds and put it into property In the ten years up to the start of the financial crisis, house prices tripled. Many people think this is because there were not enough houses ... Continue reading →

Monday, November 14, 2016

Autumn and Winter Rains are Coming

Hollins Cross Farm Proposed Development Site is a very Large Surface Area - 24 Acres
Millions of Litres of water flow through its substructure into Streams, Flushes, drainage channels and into the waer table.

The Say No to Hollins Cross Farm campaigners with the Residents of Wilkie Avenue are monitoring the rain fall, they have serious flooding problems in the past. The council wish to build 210+ houses at Hollins Cross Farm - the hillside and soil is a natural barrier for soaking up and slowing down the water that flows "downhill" from Crown Point.

If the Council tarmac, concrete and block pave the fields below Crown Point, the water will flow faster, the natural drainage and sewers will be overwhelmed and the whole area will have more flooding

The Main Hollins Cross Farm Website describes in more detail in the way the Structure of the Hollins Cross Farm Site will be damaged by development - this flooding will effect all of the Rose Hill Area if this Crazy Council Scheme is pushed through planning.


Monday, August 1, 2016

The Consultation Period is now over
We will see if Burnley Borough Council
read or ignore our Opposition Document

We have now entered into the next phase of the consultation on the development of the Hollins Cross Farm Site. 

The Residents of Coal Clough and Deerplay have been emailing the Leaders of Burnley Borough Council asking for updates on the Opposition Document, as yet they have been met with a Beaurocratic Brick Wall quoting chapter and verse of agreed procedures that are in place.

One Resident did however get this reassurance in an email from Mark Townsend -

"The Preferred Option consultation is now closed and the the process from here is that the Planning Officers will now review and consider all comments received. The Planning Officers will utilise expertise as necessary to help them develop recommendations for the Local Plan final submission that meets the future needs of the Borough. The officer recommendations will then be put to Councillors. 

Councillors will subject the officer recommendations to detailed and rigorous scrutiny before making final decisions.

The final decision on the content of the Local Plan final submission that will go to the Planning Inspector will rest with the 45 elected members of the council in a public meeting.

It will be one of the toughest decisions that the members of the Council will have to take and is key to the future of the Borough. That is why we have built in 3 public consultations (issues and options, preferred option and final submission) before the final submission goes to the planning inspector".

The only worry is that the Planning Officers may be constrained in a number of ways:-

1) They do not know the Area - "Out of Towners"
2) There are NO funds available to employ subject matter experts to investigate or perform surveys.
3) The Planning Officers are in the Pocket of the Council to secretly provide a favourable result - but that would never happen !!
4) The Opposition Document is deemed as it is going to cost too much to investigate all the points and the onus is pass on to the developers to investigate.